Woobies 2 Deluxe is even cooler, more entertaining and even more spectacular.

Discover why here:

  • NEW: Woobie Designer
    Create your own fully customized Woobie who will accompany you throughout the game and will appear next to your nickname in the high scores list.

    woobies 2 character 1woobies 2 character 2woobies 2 character 3

  • NEW: Woobies Trophies
    Now, not only can you earn points but also cool Woobies trophies. These are not just about points though – your skill and speed are also in demand.
  • NEW: Advanced Woobies
    Diamond Woobies, Stone Woobies and Teleport Woobies bring in an exciting new twist.
    woobies 2 stone woobiewoobies 2 diamond woobie 2woobies 2 teleport woobiewoobies 2 diamond 1
  • More levels
    Three different difficulty modes, each with 24 levels meaning there is something for everyone.
  • Global high scores list
    In this scores list you can measure your performance against other Woobies players the world over, display your trophies and show off your fully customized Woobie.
  • And a lot more…