Questions about playing Woobies 2:

How does Woobies 2 work?

When do I earn cups and what for?

How quickly does the stone block fall?

Why do bombs appear in between?

When are the diamonds holding the Woobies prisoner destroyed?

What do I do with stone Woobies?

What do teleport Woobies do?

How many lives do I have?

Can I play Woobies 2 several times?

How do Joker Woobies work?

Can I play Woobies online too?

Is Woobies 2 available for operating systems other than Windows?

Questions about buying Woobies 2:

I have a question about activating Woobies. Who can help me?

I have a question about payment processing. Who can help me?

A window pops up asking for an Authorization Code. What should I do?

Can I install Woobies on different computers?

My computer crashed or I bought a new one. Do I need a new Serial Number?

Why does “Plimus” appear in my browser’s URL?

General questions about Woobies 2:

I want to install an update or a new language version. What do I have to do?